Ljubljana-style Istrian cuisine from Čok's farm by Koper

Stari trg 19, Ljubljana, Slovenija
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Slovenian cuisine
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Tadej Dolinar

What else would one expect!

In Ljubljana’s old town there are so many restaurants that offer local, attractive and modern food, that guests must first decide what is more important – Istrian cold cuts, Boškarin burgers, fish stews, Čok’s Istrian culinary fare, brick walls, an array of chairs and tableware, ambitious tasting menus, an excellent wine list… Now, however, it is clear that it is actually Ljubljana that is home to one of the best Istrian Dalmatian-style restaurants, and that is Altrokè! Of course, what else would one expect!

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Altrokè is local in terms of its ingredients, traditional in their preparation, and modern in their transformation. Well, of course, what else would one expect!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

35 €

5 courses

42 €

7 courses

49 €

Wine list

house wine: Čok, Plavje, Slovenska Istra; 20+ wines by glass from Primorje region


Old Ljubljana, tables on Stari trg (Old Square), a combination of bricks and stones beneath the old arches.


culinary shop under brand name Istrska hiša