Istrian bistronomy, Ljubljana-style

Chef: Tadej Dolinar

Tadej Dolinar

What else?!

Altrokè is like a simple Istrian restaurant, however not on a farm but rather from a farm, not on the coast but rather beside the Ljubljanica river, not in the middle of a vineyard but rather because of one. Altrokè is Istrian cuisine but in a contemporary (bistronomy) style!

Altrokè, of course, a quick lunch and a long tasting session, because old Ljubljana is popular. This street is full of tables, chairs and menu boards, and this is socialising because guests want to eat here quickly then linger.

When you’re trying to decide where to go, because many of the restaurants are fairly similar, you want something different. The answer is, of course, Altrokè, for an Istrian plate or a duo of lamb. Altrokè doesn’t imitate Istrian restaurants, nor does it imitate Slovenian bistros, it is merely Altrokè.

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Fried sardines are available across the touristy street, here, however, beneath the old arches, they are a new, youthful, lively and challenging dish that is simply good and modern. So, enjoy them at Altrokè in the same way that Istrians and tourists adore truffles and asparagus, olives and wine, fish and beef… Because this is Altrokè, in the centre of Ljubljana and equally popular among the young and the old, thanks to its sardines and suckling pig, scampi and blood sausage, scallops and oysters, trout and crab, French liver and Istrian truffles.


Tasting menu

5 courses

56 €

7 courses

61 €

9 courses

92 €

Wine list

The wine list is coastal, and although there are only 40+ labels, they are also decorated with vinification information about the wines, there are many wines by the glass, including great ones (Radikon, Dario Prinčič).


Old Ljubljana, tables on Stari trg (Old Square), a combination of bricks and stones beneath the old arches.


Michelin recommendation
culinary shop under brand name Istrska hiša