Wok’n’roll opposite Bled cream slice

Cesta svobode 15, Bled, Slovenija
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What is aroi?

If a restaurant is named after a Thai word that Thais use to describe their satisfaction with it – tasty, delicious, good – then Arroi isn’t merely an obligation of authenticity for it, but also an obligation of a visit for its guests. But where would all those tourists go on the promenade if they didn’t have wok’n’roll? The ideal place for large numbers of guests at the best location of the most beautiful lake!

Arroi isn’t just a turists (Asian) feeding place, it is also a restaurant, as its spring rolls would also be a winner on a stall beside the lake and its spicy Thai tom yam soup is loved by Slovenes who otherwise swear by beef soup. Don’t be surprised, therefore, that the stir fry isn’t just stir fried but also distinguishes between ordinary and Thai basil, and be aware that the curries really do contain yellow, red and green curry, hence they are mild, medium or hellishly spicy! And they serve sushi too!

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Do people go to Bled so that, on its lakeside promenade, they can eat better food than in Thailand? No, they go to Arroi because they will eat food better here beside the most beautiful lake in Gorenjska than in many other places in Bled!

Wine list

sommelier Danijel Katrašnik, 60 wine labels


The large terrace on the promenade attracts passersby, while the large dining room beneath the hotel attracts tourists. Arroi is modern because it is Western with Eastern food.


Thai cuisine & sushi