Jorg’s top-notch, contemporary, youthful and ambitious creations

Nazorjeva ulica 2, Ljubljana, Slovenija
It’s the best
Creative and Original
Urban and Different

Zupan’s creative studio

Atelje’s menu is short, however, it encompasses so many ingredients, techniques, specialities and new culinary tricks that there isn’t even room for one ‘classic’ sauce. And it is exactly in this that lies head chef Jorg Zupan’s secret and innovation: freshness is more important than foam, emulsion is better than cream, and juice is more natural than reductions. Add into the mix flavours rather than the aromas that smoulder, fermentation with more of a reason than because it’s the trend, and in the kitchen there is little space left for new oils, vinegars and other pickled side dishes every season. “We make everything ourselves” means countless details, plentiful passion, zeal and ambition, a lot of new knowledge and, above all, remaining in the kitchen from morning until when the last guest leaves.



Despite its small tables and hard chairs, Atelje has retained its patina of age through its large iron windows, vintage black and white floor and high ceilings. This isn’t just another urban local restaurant that is trying to liven up a sleepy street but rather another top-notch restaurant in Ljubljana’s ever-improving culinary scene. Atelje’s talented young chef has found his own creative workshop (the word Atelje means ‘studio’ or ‘workshop’).


Tasting menu Chef Hat

7 courses

110 €

Wine pairing

40 €

9 courses

130 €

Wine pairing

50 €

Wine list

sommelier: Žan Abutovič
wine labels: 290


Modern bistro seating around the bar, the banquettes have remained and out back there is also a room for special occasions.


1 Michelin star
JRE Jeunes Restaurateur member