The most beautiful view of the most beautiful lake

It’s best to visit Bled Castle on foot from the lake, since the effort of getting up there makes the view even better and lunch even more appetising! Reservations are recommended, since there are only two tables next to the most beautiful window in all of Slovenia’s restaurants, and therefore the view through the window is a particularly special reward. 

On a fine day the views extend across the entire country, from the saltpans at the coast to the Pannonian lowlands, and from the church on Bled lake to snow-covered mountain pastures. And all of Slovenia’s varied cuisine can be tasted too!

The castle’s restaurant offers local regional dishes prepared in a modern and refined way to satisfy tourists who come with agency guides as well as gourmets armed with culinary guides!

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The masses of tourists that visit Bled Castle don’t do so primarily for its food. They come to the castle – whether by bus or on foot – primarily because of the castle itself. They come to have their photo taken on the surrounding walls, buy souvenirs in the apiary and because the views are beautiful and the location stunning! Therefore, it is only right that the food on offer in the castle’s restaurant is also top notch to match.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

Greetings from the kitchen with sparkling wine + 4 courses

55 €


A castle terrace on the surrounding walls and a large, bright dining room with modern furniture


Castle Cafe and Castle Bee House