Džungla Gastrobar

Serious food at a joyful street party

Vojkovo nabrežje 6, Koper, Slovenija
It’s good
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Meat and more
From Rivers and Seas
Wine and Food
Global Cuisine
Almir Begič

A ‘jungle’ in the centre of Koper

This isn’t street food, even though it is food on the street. This isn’t a jungle, because it’s sited on tarmac. These aren’t Instagram dishes, because the ingredients in them are more important than a selfie next to them. This isn’t breakfast, because it’s brunch. This isn’t lunch, because it’s still like brunch. This isn’t dinner, because it’s food to share. This isn’t fast food, because it’s fine food. This is fine food, because we are having a fine time. And this is Koper, even though it looks like Dubai!

Even though it really is like being in the jungle and nothing plays to the rulebook, and even though this isn’t really a restaurant at all but rather a party, in the end everyone is well fed, jolly and happy.

Everything else in the Džungla (The Jungle) gastrobar is unreal, but the food itself is real. The dishes, such as tacos with Istrian beef, bao with sweetbreads, hot dog with octopus, tartare with donkey, ribs with kimchi, aren’t chaotic, even though they come from all corners of the world. These dishes are carefully chosen and produced using locally sourced ingredients. And the queue of people waiting to try the food aren’t there because it’s street food, but rather because it is only available in this street.

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One doesn’t go to Džungla for a sit-down meal, rather for something to snack on, and one doesn’t go to Džungla because of hunger, but rather in a quest for relaxation, company, merriment and fun. Hence it is logical that whilst enjoying all the aforementioned, one also becomes hungry and thirsty.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

28 €

5 courses

32 €

Wine list

Cocktails and local wines, but with an emphasis on sustainability.
Sommelier: Marko Kozel
Wine labels: 45+


A real jungle! A dynamic ambience where everyone can find their own favourite corner, whether on the street or the swing, at the low or high tables, at the bar or on a sofa, standing or, well why not, lying down!


cocktails, fun