A lot more than just a pizzeria

Chef: Igor Peresson

Igor Peresson

Igor Peresson je kuhar z idejami, znanjem in lokal patriotizmom. Lahko se začne s sladoledom, ki je slan, nadaljuje z račjimi prsmi, ki so ribana, omaga ob bifteku, ki je z lave, toda sladice so vseeno – zakon.

Original pizzas and Q-king

Etna has three kinds of guests. The first come for pizza because it is ‘their’ pizzeria. They are at home here, it’s nearby, and they like it. The second kind come because of the pizzas, because they are different to those elsewhere. Sometimes they just order their favourite, whilst at other times they may opt for a fusion, since there is a whole menu’s worth of choices of pizzas, and the dough on which everything is served is as soft as sandwich bread. The third kind go to the next-door area for Q-king. The dining room there is in the chef’s kitchen, the kitchen is in the living room, the classroom has a long work surface, and you can choose to spend your birthday there cooking. Of course, the chef can cook instead, or he can teach you and you will cook in his kitchen instead!



Etna doesn’t only have a creative pizza chef but rather a real chef with enough knowledge that even those who don’t usually eat pizza order one, although there is always choice for those who want to eat something else.


Tasting menu

4 courses

36 €

Wine list

wine labels: 30
house wine: Emil Tavčar


A pizzeria with a clay oven, a restaurant in the extension, a garden in the hallway, and Q-king in the multi-purpose space


Michelin Plate
cooking classes, Q-king for guests