Faladur Restaurant and Wine Bar

Where the food is an accompaniment to Vipava wine

Chef: Erik Batagelj

Erik Batagelj

Vipava wine and food

For those that say that Slovenia is small and Vipava is too far, then Faladur is the place to go; today to the wine bar, tomorrow to the bistro for parmigiano, then to the restaurant for wine, and for the fourth time in a week to the wine shop for wine, and for the fifth and final time – so we won’t be there every day! – for a 5-course seasonal experience. This is the kind of restaurant you want nearby!

You are welcome merely for a glass of good wine, since you will taste all the rest during the wine tasting. Take a walk through Vipava and rest on the beautiful terrace beside the river, where the first course already consists of six tasty morsels. Delight because the menu also features jota, polenta, štruklji and steaks, which are not like elsewhere, rather just as they are here. Experience the seasons in the Vipava Valley, together with its best vintners, cheesemakers, farmers and anglers, since its just a short climb up Faladur’s stone steps to reach them.

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Faladur is the reward for a walk through Vipava. Because there are so many excellent vintners in the Vipava Valley that you can’t visit them all. Because the culinary tradition of the valley is so rich that it can’t just be restricted to ordinary jota. Because in Vipava there is a wine bar where you won’t be hungry, a homely restaurant where you can drink well, a nice bistro where you can taste local and experience seasonal food, and a wine shop where you can not only buy the best Vipava wines to take home but also taste them too.


Tasting menu

3 courses

35 €

4 courese

43 €

5 courses

50 €

6 courses

60 €

7 courses

70 €

Accompanying wines

15 € - 40 €

Couvert: olive oil, basket of bread, Gustl's greeting, petit fours

2 €

Wine list

sommelier Matej Lavrenčič, 220 wine labels


The terrace is romantic, the bistro-wine bar is simple-elegant and wine-dining. The stone staircase leads from old Vipava to new, which, on the terrace and in the wine bar, is even more comfortable and homely.


wine bar and wine shop