Fink & Situla

Fink’s culinary calendar beneath the Situla hostel

Dilančeva ulica 1, Novo mesto, Slovenija
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Damjan Fink

Urbanity in the old Glavni trg (Main Square)

The fish restaurant Ribja once stood in Novo mesto’s main square. It was where locals fell in love, argued, reconciled, got married, had joyful and sorrowful times, ate and drank – seafood, sweets, Slovenian and foreign food, a little, too much, good and sometimes not so good.

Everything was available on the menu, particularly for those who were eating there for the first time, hence they always came back. Ribja was fab!

Now the main square in the historic centre of Novo mesto has been renovated and Ribja has been replaced by Fink&Situla. Ribja’s tradition remains, albeit it with the hallmark of one of Slovenia’s best chefs, Damjan Fink (Hiša Fink) and the best local ingredients in this urban restaurant. Now Novo mesto’s locals are falling in love with Fink’s Situla.

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The name itself already suggests that Fink&Situla is cocktail-like – though an alcohol-free one, of course. Therefore, why not visit the renovated main square where you can enjoy fish and blue Frankish wine – popular and traditional – and the garden beneath arches. Fink&Situla is for everyone and every day, the young and old, morning, noon and night.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

28 €


An idyllic atrium garden and modern dining room beneath arches


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