Gostilna Bužinel

Seafood dishes among the Brdo vineyards

Plešivo 37, Dobrovo v Brdih, Slovenija
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The ocean among vineyards

Diners at Gostilna Bužinel are presented with a small rolled-up flannel for (almost) every course, but note that it isn’t to be used on the face, but rather for the hands – well, we all know how messy seafood can be at times! But this is no ordinary fish restaurant since it isn’t at the coast but rather among vineyards, on a terrace that boasts one of the best views of both the Brdo area as well as that of Collio. 

Gostilna Bužinel doesn’t have a menu, which means that it is necessary to listen attentively to what’s on offer. Be aware, however, that everything sounds good, but the portions are such that, though tempting, it’s not possible to order everything! It is also a farm that has an 11 hectare vineyard, therefore there’s no need to fret over the wine list, instead you can just accompany the owner into the wine cellar which even has its own shrine.

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Gostilna Bužinel isn’t the best fish restaurant in Slovenia, however, its distinctiveness is exactly in that it doesn’t have an ambition to be so. The Bužinel family prefer to dedicate themselves to ‘just’ good, regular and fresh supplies, the least amount of processing of the food, and, of course, to its guests.

Wine list

The wines at Gostilna Bužinel are only those from its own 11 hectares in the Brdo winegrowing region, which are complemented by the experience of several generations of the Bužinel family.


A terrace above the vineyard and a homely dining room above the wine cellar.


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