Gostilna Grabar

Contemporary, ambitious food with a talented chef

Rabelčja vas 15a, Ptuj, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Alenka Grabar

Fried brawn and modern-style shanks

Whilst waiting for the menu, the waiting staff brought a roasted veal shank to the next table. They spoke Italian but kissed like Slovenes! The waiter explained “We slow-roasted it for 12 hours at 70 degrees Celsius.” Then, we didn’t get a menu but rather, of course, Ptuj sparkling wine and, surprisingly, fried brawn, marinated beef tongue, “our homemade sausage”, curd cheese spread, pumpkin seeds, pickled red onion and monks’ cress. “This is our house ‘welcome’. We are still preparing the menu, but we usually offer our guests recommendations, because everything is fresh!”

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Visit 2016



If one forgets what it was like in the past – the restaurant was formerly Gostilna Ernest – now at Gostilna Grabar you can sit back and leave it to the capable team who will ensure your meal is contemporary and different to that which you have been used to until now in Ptuj. Alenka Grabar has talent, she cooks ambitiously, respects seasonality, and knows her local suppliers well.


A dining room with a view and formal white table linen, a scenic terrace, and a room for special occasions