Gostilna Grabar

Contemporary, ambitious and with the chefs’ talent

Rabelčja vas 15a, Ptuj, Slovenija
It’s good
It’s the best
Slovenian cuisine
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Stanko Ramšak
Alenka Grabar

Traditional and creative

Although this is a traditional restaurant, it’s not just about warm colours and flowers everywhere, since one would even want such an amuse bouche at one’s own wedding and such a local idea for fried chicken in every Slovenian restaurant.

When a traditional restaurant combines creativity and authentic flavours, some are intrigued by the carefully placed tableware – which is always ready and waiting – and the long menu, which is divided into the seasons, while other are convinced by the ever-fresh flowers from the garden in vases, the large bouquet on the bar, and the reclining glasses on the fine tableware.

The fact that Gostilna Grabar not only satisfies but also creates enthusiasm (for 2 hearts) for both the aforementioned is down to culinary experience: Grabar is still a Ptuj restaurant which hungry guests come to at noon for a good (the best) Ptuj business lunch, while also (after 4pm) remaining the best gourmet place with an ambitious menu and well-known chefs – male and female!

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While fried chicken is homely and simple food throughout Slovenia, at Gostilna Grabar it is gourmet food, which marinates for two days, comes in two courses and isn’t only eaten with both hands. For Ptuj, this mixture of traditional cuisine, creativity and authentic flavours is a courageous one, which for years has been proving and bettering itself, therefore Gostilna Grabar’s guests are increasingly curious and, as a result, eat better.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

46 €

5 courses

53 €

4 courses (lunch time)

25 €

Accompanying wines Chef Hat

4 glasses

16 €

5 glasses

20 €

Wine list

50+ wine labels, mainly Styrian wines


This is a traditional restaurant where the tableware is carefully and always awaiting, in two dining rooms and on a garden terrace.