A restaurant among vineyards

The wine cellar is modern and almost hidden above the bottom of the natural ‘amphitheatre’ that is formed by the steep hills planted with vines, while the old building housing the restaurant stands out prominently among the vineyards. Over the years it has had a lot of managers and management, it has been through good and less good times, but now when you enter Gostilna Grič it is immediately clear from the fresh, aromatic and crispy bread on the table – white with pumpkin seeds and brown with onions – that it is now in the right hands, even more so when the chef approaches the table with his name proudly embroidered on his chef’s whites. Andrej Smogavc is a local who has earnt his stripes in the kitchens of well known chefs and now runs this restaurant in a beautiful setting among vineyards, which during the week hosts businesspeople from the valley and golfers from the Škalc golf course, while at weekends it attracts gourmets and those visiting for Sunday lunch.

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Prepared by the chef in an urban way, therefore, there’s no need to go into the centre of Slovenske Konjice, you can instead remain in the vineyard with its wonderful views and even enjoy a round of golf, before heading into the modern wine cellar.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

48 €

6 courses

58 €

7 courses

68 €

Wine list

house wine: Zlati grič


A terrace and spacious dining room with large windows, and a marquee for special occasions


Winery Zlati grič