Gostilna Jež

Traditional Slovenian food from the young Martinčič family

Jagnjenica 12, Radeče, Slovenija
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‘New’ dishes from 1905

Where’s Jagnjenica? There where Gostilna Jež is! So, be sure to seek it out on the map so you can enjoy authentic, local and homely food – Jež-style, such as Grandma’s bread crusts in white coffee, Mum’s cabbage patches with chicken and calf brains, which Dad really loved to eat.

It’s still a restaurant with the year 1905 above the door, but the fourth and fifth generation of the Martinčič family now running it create a culinary adventure which gives an authentic, superior flavour, local worldliness and homeliness.

Krškopolje pork is served with cranberries, pheasant with roasted corn, and duck with cognac. The chamois is as soft as foam, as crispy as crackling and as brittle as a biscuit. The mouflon is found in the tartare and carpaccio, but ends up in the baker’s oven, the sausages contain seafood and there’s foie gras in the blood sausages. Gostilna Jež has an excellent recollection of old recipes and improves them even more.

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Gostilna Jež limits you to just its tasting menu, albeit giving you more than you expect! Even if you manage to eat and drink everything, you won’t end up under the table, rather in the end you’ll end up full of joy. Although there are a lot of dishes, you won’t pay too much, hence you’ll be keen to return. And even though Gostilna Jež is original and creative, its culinary adventure is above all comforting. Despite its tasting menu, Gostilna Jež is authentic, local and homely!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

34 €

5 courses

44 €

6 courses

52 €

3 courses (during lunch)

23 €

Wine list

110+ wine labels, sommelier Rok Martinčič


An old restaurant with a young family, music for the soul and a luxurious but homely ambience


Jež’s pâtés can also be bought to take home.