Gostilna Jež

Traditional food from the young Martinčič family

Jagnjenica 12, Radeče, Slovenija
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Traditional food from a young family

The fourth generation has changed this century-old inn in such a way that it has developed it! That is why Jež is a local inn which already serves burgers, but still offers čebulna bržola (braised beef with onions), real Wiener schnitzel, beef cooked in soup, soup using the best of the forest, skin-on sauteed potatoes with crackling, Krškopolje pork with capon, and duck with souffle. This is a family inn where they still serve their mother’s specialities, such as semolina drops, as well as the son’s dishes, which their grandfather preferred. This is a traditional inn where the neighbours are at the table, but their crops and products are on it, and in which local tastes are accompanied by only the finest wines from Posavje-Dolenjska, whilst also being a contemporary inn because the bulls’ testicles are served with panko breadcrumbs, the tartare is from salmon with a saffron sauce, and the trio of desserts, which everyone chooses, are better than solo ones elsewhere.

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Since these are well-known dishes, even though it quickly becomes clear that you haven’t eaten them in such a way before, it makes one even more curious about what is still to come.


The elegant white tablecloths, beneath the fine old ceiling and among the souvenirs, logs, roses and windowsills laden with wine bottles, are a perfect match for the content of the metal plates and stemmed glasses.