Bistro Grad Štanjel

Karst cuisine from local ingredients and using modern techniques

Kobjeglava 63, Kobjeglava, Slovenija
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Karst cuisine with an urban touch

Whereas in the past prosciutto and jota (cabbage and bean soup) were ample for a day trip and admiring pigs trotters that were on show through the windows, new times have shown that even the most strong bora winds in the world need the assistance of a creative and contemporary chef. Of course, prosciutto still reigns, but every time you visit it is different, since up to now, typical Karst prosciutto spent two years being dried in the bora winds, while Komel prosciutto can potentially be matured for twice as long. The new experience begins with savoury parmesan cake pops with pumpkin seeds, mother-in-law’s tongue with herbs, homemade bread from apple yeast, and Karst sparkling wine from the neighbours. And then, the lights are switched on beneath the mulberry tree and the countdown to the 5-course feast begins. For seasoned gourmets, it is quickly apparent that the food here is not just experimental – the fact is, however, that head chef Simo Komel likes an element of surprise, but only when he himself knows the result well!

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What began as a mere bunch of ideas and a basket of ambition, then took shape and gained content, the main thread of which remains, every dish is finished to perfection. Gostilna Kobjeglava has once again become a Karst stalwart, which adds an urban touch to the area’s local cuisine, and the former large prosciutto production facility, which is now boutique-style, has once again transformed this place into a popular destination for outings. 


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

35 €

5 courses

40 €

6 courses

45 €

7 courses

55 €

8 courses

60 €

Wine list

sommelier: Tine Žbogar
wine labels: 194
house wine: Colja Vino, Vina Kobal, Posestvo Jazbec


A restaurant with a view of the curing room and a prosciutto shop, but the main action unfolds outside on the glass-enclosed terrace


Restaurant Kobjeglava moves to Castle Štanjel!

Prosciutto production facility Q-Komel