Gostilna Kunstelj

A typical Gorenjska restaurant as in the past and today

Gorenjska cesta 9, Radovljica, Slovenija
It’s good
Slovenian cuisine
Traditional and Contemporary

Reliable and family-run since 1873

From the moment you set foot into Gostilna Kunstelj you know that you have come to the right place. Even if you are full up you become hungry. In this traditional restaurant there is history on the wall and ever-interesting Radovljica chatter to be heard. There is a wild boar’s head in the hunters’ room, while in the poets’ room – with its fireplace – there is a painting of Slovenia’s most famous poet from nearby Vrba, France Prešeren. In the wine cellar, upon prior arrangement, groups can enjoy sausages in pastry alongside a wine tasting, while the small reception room is the place to go for conversation and the large one is ideal for wedding receptions. From April to October the majority of the ‘action’ at Gostilna Kunstelj takes place outdoors on the terrace in the shade of a giant chestnut tree with views of the Sava river. Gostilna Kunstelj is a restaurant that you can rely on whether you live nearby, are a day-tripper, a holidaymaker or just hungry! Or even to celebrate births, marriages or other special occasions. At Gostilna Kunstelj the generations and guests may change but the flavours remain. And now it is being run by the next, youngest generation of the family.

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You need to go to Gostilna Kunstelj even if you are full! This is a family-run and reliable Slovenian restaurant with a long history. Familiar food and familiar faces. Enough space for all tastes, opportunities and quantities. Old but nothing is faded. Aromas of large cooking pots and the hot stove.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

35 €

5 courses

39 €

Wine list

wine labels: 21


An old restaurant with a hunters’ room, poets’ room, and a golf room, large and small reception rooms, a wine cellar, a conservatory and a small terrace