Gostilna Mihovec

Slovenian cuisine of a new generation

Chef: Mojca Trnovec

Mojca Trnovec

Mojca Trnovec je chefinja skoz in skoz. Nadaljuje tradicijo svoje mame, a klasičnim domačim jedem dodaja mladostniško dušo in svežino.

A homely 21st century restaurant

Four generations are involved in the work at the farm and in the restaurant, with mother Mihela and father Jernej, who are otherwise already retired but are always still there – just in case – at this totally self-sufficient integrated farm with an in-house market. Veal shanks are available to order, the meat for the Sunday roast…everything is from the field to the table, very homely and very different. This is an exemplary Slovenian restaurant of the 21st century! All the grains are home-grown, which is why the bleki pasta is dark, because it is made from wholemeal flour – even though the grains are always white, which the Mihovec family always needs to demonstrate to city folk. In the small rooms, which are ideal for small private gatherings, there is enough room for “our” breads with various spreads, calves’ liver with caramelised onions, porcini mushrooms, house štruklji, and the best mini chocolate cake with a fruit filling. “Well done” can be heard for “something that our father made”. But only then does it really begin, including with a local ensemble.



You’d be hard pressed to find a more authentic, family-friendly, restaurant-cum-farm so close to Ljubljana that has preserved everything from the past, which a great number have forgotten, and which has added plenty of new features that bring sophistication and openness.

Wine list

sommelier: Mojca Trnovec in Jernej Petač
wine labels: 60
house wines: Gaube, Guerilla, Reya


A dining room, two small rooms, a multi-purpose hall – homely and well arranged