Gostilna Pr’ Matičku

Matiček’s Gorenjska food from the forests and the sea

Chef: Matjaž Erzar

Matjaž Erzar

Pr’ Matičku pa ni le divje in domače, temveč je lahko tudi drugače, še posebej, ko k mizi prisede gospodar, ki ima najraje takšne, ki spoštujejo izvirnost. Matjaž Erzar - Matiček je res pravi Goren’c!

A ’wild’ Gorenjska restaurant

At Gostilna Pr’ Matiček the starters include wild boar salami and continue with tuna from Murter. Therefore, don’t be alarmed by the large bear that ‘greets’ you at the door to the bar. The owner of Gostilna Pr’ Maticek is a hunter – and that is the restaurant’s biggest distinction. Therefore, even though Gostilna Pr’ Matiček is near the town centre, it is like being at a rural Gorenjska restaurant complete with hayracks, herbs, trellis, chopping blocks and turf, whilst the chairs are from a theatre, the wheels from haycarts, the bar is earthenware, and there are a lot of horns with the request: “Please respect the fact that almost all dishes are freshly prepared, which sometimes takes some time.” Hence, don’t go to Pr’ Matičku looking for what you can get elsewhere!



There is an array of stuffed animals at this restaurant in Kranj – bears, antelope, white-tailed gnus, ibex… Some guests go for pizza, others are at the bar, but it is those that ask the chef for the ‘catch of the day’ – and that doesn’t only mean fish – which is served over several courses, who will come away from Gostilna Pr’ Matičku with a lasting memory of the most creative Slovenian wild game restaurant.

Wine list

wine labels: 40
house wine: Vina Mužič


An array of stuffed animals, museum-like whilst also homely and traditional