Gostilna pri Kmetec

New dishes at the old castle

Zagrad 140a, Celje, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Danijel Kmetec ml.

Venison shank opposite the castle

The house, which is like an eagle’s nest perched on a high rock, was made of stone by the father of the family while the son is now creating fine cuisine in the kitchen. In the past the menu at Gostilna Kmetec only included ‘classic’ Slovenian food, however, since the young chef undertook an apprenticeship with some of the country’s best chefs, the dishes are no longer ‘peasant-style’ but instead stylish and distinct.

The ambience is like that of a mountain hut, while the amuse bouche runs to several courses and in the soup there is fried cannelloni filled with frogs legs. Nevertheless, it is still more than worthwhile making the journey along the road up to Celje Castle for Gostilna Kmetec’s wild game, these days particularly for the venison shank. There are also platters available, while real foodies can try the chef’s menu.

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With the ‘new’ Gostilna Kmetec, Celje has acquired a restaurant where at noon it is time to head up to the castle for lunch, or you can go there for a day trip there precisely because of Gostilna Kmetec and, whilst there, also take a look at the ruins of the castle.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

24 €

4 courses

28 €

5 courses

35 €


Like being in a mountain hut, with a view of Celje and a terrace on a steep rock


Old Celje castle