Gostilna Resje

Slovenian food in a new Bohinj guise

Nemški Rovt 21a, Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenija
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Jože Godec

Slovenian food with soul

Just great homemade Slovenian food, typical Bohinj dishes and ingredients from farms in the Bohinj area. This is a simple restaurant, with pictures of mountain pastures on its walls and locals at the bar. Gostilna Resje, which also has 14 rooms for 40 travellers, is within easy reach of Lake Bohinj. However, it is, above all, a restaurant with a chef who cooks both skilfully and from the heart, hence his dishes are original, albeit with recognisable though accentuated flavours. That is to say, what chef Jože Godec cooks has soul! In short, contemporary Slovenian cuisine.

Chef Jože Godec is the master of techniques that many already know, however, he doesn’t have all the modern kitchen equipment that many already have. Instead he uses skills, tricks and ideas, and, yes, like others he makes mistakes too. And, like in many other restaurants you arrive hungry and leave full, nevertheless its good that there aren’t chefs and restaurants of this kind on every windy road because then it wouldn’t be such a big surprise!

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At Gostilna Resje the menu features only dishes made from ingredients sourced from local farms in the Bohinj area – those of local origin. What makes this new is that elsewhere, in so-called ‘normal’ restaurants that are hidden away amid Slovenia’s natural beauty, this is not (yet) the case.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

2 courses

25 €

3 courses

33 €

4 courses

40 €

Chef's menu - 7 courses

70 €

Wine list

wine labels: 59, of which 50 wines per glass
house wine: Danilo Mavrič, Plešivo


A bar, dining room, covered terrace and wooden tables with a children’s play area