Gostilna Šempeter

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Bistrica ob Sotli 9, Bistrica ob Sotli, Slovenija
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Ratimir Harapin

Succulent, juicy capon

The head of the Kunst family has revived capon from oblivion – they are raised to be smaller and hence more succulent. It was necessary to find a grandmother who still knew how to make a cut between the fourth and sixth rib, so that the cockerels stop thinking about hens at the age of six weeks and instead just eat and eat, resulting in meat so succulent that the juices run down your chin. If anything is left over, it is made into brawn with carrots in aspic with eggs and lamb’s lettuce, served with enough pumpkin seed oil, which the owner swears is the best in Slovenia. It is here in Šempeter that the presentation of the finest flavours of Kozjansko merely begins. 



If you like meat on the bone you need to visit Gostilna Šempeter in Bistrica, which is located between Kozjansko and Bizeljsko. Here you will find delicious meat, and capon served with mlinci. The capon, a cockerel that grows for 6-8 months and comes from only one of two farms, is large enough to feed 4-6 people. But don’t forget to order it in advance!

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A well-arranged and homely dining room, a covered all-year-round garden, a statue-like figure of the chef in front of the door


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