Gostilna Tramšek

Hospitable Prlekija food

Žerovinci 25 b, Žerovinci, Slovenija
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Zvonko Šela

Prlekija cuisine

Gostilna Tramšek is everything a good rural restaurant should be. This restaurant with four tables and seasonal food has tradition, heritage, ideas, ambition, creativeness and love. Gostilna Tramšek lies in the midst of wonderful countryside among farms and vineyards. Although the restaurant is located next to the road, it would be more apt to say the road is located next to the restaurant!

When you get inspired by the simple food at this restaurant for the first time, you will find yourself wanting to return to Prlekija. Gostilna Tramšek is like a season, the fifth, therefore. Every year the seasons return, just as it is necessary to regularly return for its pork crackling pogača bread and Zvonko’s quality wine.

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One needs to leave the choice of food up to the owners at Gostilna Tramšek – with no prejudgements – but also without any overly-big demands! One of the most genuine and likeable restaurants in Slovenia and it prides itself on nothing less – in terms of ingredients – than excellence.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

30 € - 36 €

Wine list

sommelier: Zvonko Šela
wine labels: 80


a small dining room and terrace with plenty of hospitality


Prlekija countryside, Jeruzalem wine region