Harfa restaurant

Contemporary and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine

Chef: Boštjan Pavli

Boštjan Pavli

Pavlijeva sredozemska kuhinja zna v poslovnem okolju Ljubljane prepoznati želje gostov in jih hkrati kreativno nadgraditi.

Harmony of sounds and flavours

In Ljubljana around 100,000 workers look for somewhere to get something to eat between 11am and 3pm every day, and, after an hour’s break at the most, they once again return to Europe’s working hours. The range of food on offer in the city’s restaurants has, therefore, adapted to these needs, and nowadays workers tend to stray further from lunches served in factory canteens. These days, no one goes hungry. But few of the working and hungry have such an opportunity to go to a restaurant close to their place of work where lunch doesn’t come on a conveyer belt and is also at an acceptable price. And, that it is cooked by a real chef too!!

Ever since Boštjan Pavli set up Harfa as his own venture, the Murgle area of Ljubljana has a restaurant where people can’t go wrong. When it come to business, trust is worth the most of all.



Harfa’s Boštjan Pavli is a boss by profession and a chef by talent. Since he doesn’t seek to be in the foreground, this is also reflected in his dishes which aren’t over-the-top in their presentation and, as a result, don’t differentiate between guests. Pavli is creative enough that he is different, skilled and better, which more than satisfies his guests who aren’t just there for special occasions but rather every day!


Business menu

3 courses

33 €

5 courses

40 €

Tasting menu

8 courses

80 €

Wine list

sommelier Ludvik Jaklin
100 wine labels


The ground floor of a business building with a distinctive coloured glass façade; olive green and brown tones; two separate dining rooms and a room for special occasions


Michelin Plate