Hotel A restaurant

A hotel restaurant beside the Styria motorway

Mala Pirešica 20, Arja vas, Slovenija
Traditional and Contemporary
Urban and Different
Jernej Sedušak

Turn off the motorway!

One first visits Hotel A for a coffee, since its so close to the motorway. Next time one goes for a meeting, then we are tempted by lunch. And finally, we find ourselves there for dinner too, after which we can stay the night, while next morning there’s no rush and time to visit the fitness centre too. Hotel A occupies an excellent location, which is reflected in its range of food for hungry travellers and inquisitive locals. The distinctiveness of Hotel A’s restaurant is that it doesn’t offer what it doesn’t know how to cook but rather just the food it knows how to cook well.

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Visit 2020



The hotel restaurant has an excellent location, a contemporary ambience, good service, modern yet familar food, and, of course, rooms too.

Wine list

wine labels: 50+
16 wines per glass (also more expensive wines)


Modern hotel architecture where guests are in one area for lunch, meetings, coffee or on a date.


Hotel A****