Restavracija Korošica

Seafood between the hills

Otiški Vrh 25d, Dravograd, Slovenija
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
From Rivers and Seas

A Carinthia sea maiden

Locals can eat dishes such as mežerle at home, when they go out to eat, however, they order as per the Slovenian ‘rules’! That is why the 4-star Hotel Korošica, which lies between three valleys and features a wellness centre, thai massage, business facilities, and parking for buses, is first and foremost a seafood restaurant. Even the pancakes are filled with fish, as is the fish soup, which is full of fish, shellfish, crab, herbs and curry.



The first choice in Carinthia for businesspeople. The closest seafood for the locals of the Carinthia, Mislinja and Drava valleys. The place to be for special occasions in Carinthia.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

28 €

5 courses

32 €

6 courses

39 €

Wine list

sommelier: Elvis Breznik & Zofka Kanovnik
wine labels: 40+


An urban hotel in the countryside