Istrian bistro & Tapas bar

Tapas-style contemporary Istrian cuisine

Obala 33, Portorož, Slovenija
Veganski užitki
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
From Rivers and Seas
Vegetables and More
Global Cuisine
Borut Jakič

Trendy and local on the promenade

Since Slovenia got its first 5-star hotel, the Portorož promenade has been richer for the modern snacks offered at Hotel Slovenija, which are cooked in an Istrian way. Istrian is both an Istrian bistro and a tapas bar, therefore it’s all that Portorož needs most: modern, local and relaxed. This hotel restaurant satisfies everyone ؘ– the most discerning as well as the hungriest.

So, Istrian tapas aren’t just quick snacks on the pavement of the coastal promenade. Behind the glass cabinet full of tapas there is a wine bar with a long bar, high chairs and shelves stacked full of wines. Behind the long line of chairs in the bistro, which are easily seen from the street, there is an entire wall of glass through which diners can watch the chefs in their chefs hats hard at work like a real Istrian culinary show, from tapaso to chef’s menu.

Have you ever tried homemade gnocchi with Istrian beef, ravioli with cod, chef-inspired sea bass or an excellent B-burger? Young chef Siniša Petrušić’s brave take on traditional Istrian and vegan dishes includes a touch of local, fresh and seasonal ingredients in his creations. The most popular tapas in Portorož are therefore presented in a brand new and even more inviting disguise! But be sure to leave some room, as the cakes in the display cabinet aren’t just for inquisitive and yearning looks.

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Hotel Slovenija never fails. This five-star hotel uses winning local quality ingredients and offers tapas and burgers which appeal to today’s modern youth. Its bistro is accessible, including to passers-by, the wine bar offers a great place for socialising and the open kitchen is a real cookery show. Therefore, there’s something for everyone.


Degustation menu Chef Hat

4 courses

26 €

6 courses

38 €

Wine list

wine labels: 80+
house wine: Vinakoper


tables on the street, a wine bar and bistro, simple and modern, an open kitchen


Hotel Slovenija*****