Jakob Franc

Slovenian dishes from Krškopolje pigs

Trnovski pristan 4, Ljubljana, Slovenija
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Physicist, herdsmen and innkeeper

Jakob Franc is a typical homely restaurant; half the tables are unlaid, the other half laid with white tablecloths. Why? Well because half the guests are regulars who come for a bowl of something, or ’their’ piece of meat on ’their’ day of the week, or for a snack, lunch or a glass of cviček. The other half are ’newbies’ who have come to try out the dried meats hanging in chilled cabinets from autonomous free-range Slovenian pigs, which don’t go under the knife after just three months but rather after a year-and-a-half, and after a full year’s free grazing.

Everything on the menu is based around Krškopolje pork and everything is from the treasure chest of Slovenian cuisine: buckwheat with porcini mushrooms and smoked pork loin, sausages with horseradish, Krškopolje carpaccio with sheep’s cheese, even the soups and stews, such as jota (sauerkraut and potato stew), ričet (barley stew) and goulash, are made of Krškopolje pork. There are also seasonal dishes, such as stuffed peppers and boranja (pork and bean stew), pasta including fusi (with truffles), tagliatelle (classic bolognese) and žlikrofi (similar to ravioli, served with meat and vegetables). Those seeking something more hearty can choose from pork or veal livers, smoked sausage with cabbage and pork crackling, grilled sausages with cabbage or turnip and salted potatoes with pork crackling, roast pork or veal with sauteed potato, ribs, pork neck with roasted vegetables, and, of course, steak with truffles and even two-month aged Slovenian beef.

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Krškopolje pork has become the main Slovenian meat speciality. The meat is dark, the bacon is white, the flesh is stronger, the fat is unsaturated – therefore it’s (more) healthy fat. The taste of Krškopolje pork is more similar to that of wild boar than the usual pink pigs found on farms. And the ’ambassador’ of this meat is Jakob Franc in Ljubljana!


The homely elegant dining room and wooden terrace.