Kekčeva domačija

Simple Trenta dishes from the finest local ingredients

Chef: Mitja Lo Duca
Chef: Joži Kuclar

Mitja Lo Duca

Joži Kuclar

Mojca and Kekec’s Trenta ‘paradise’

At Kekčeva domačija you will feel like you are in paradise – except everything is real! Only the bags hanging at the entrance, from which in Kekec’s time whey drained from the curds, are decorative. Nowadays the curd cheese, Bovec cheese and sheeps’ cheese at Kekčeva domačija are dry enough that nothing drips, including in the evening while sitting and enjoying hot čompe (potatoes with curd cheese and cream beside the open fire. For everything else Kekčeva domačija is a truly homely homestead – from the mint juice with herbs from the wicker baskets in front of the door, to pigs (and cows soon, too!) in the Karst, and from the štruklji that are neither Kobarid-style nor Bovec-style – they are Kekec-style, filled with polenta – to the wine, which comes from Styria and is the work of a native of Slovenia’s coastal region who 10 year’s ago only drunk Coca-Cola!

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Why do we lie like sardines on a beach? Why are our hiking boots in the wardrobe? Why don’t we diverge from the path, take time for a breather, and forget about our worries? Why does nothing get done if one does nothing? Kekčeva domačija and its owner Mitja Lo Duca are proof that we aren’t allowed to just ask questions but rather to actually get on with it! At least for a few days away, at least to the waterfalls, at least for grilled trout and if not one then at least raise two glasses and say “cheers”!

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Like in a fairytale and the film about Kekec


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