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Small snacks and big pieces of meat

Podpeška cesta 3, Brezovica pri Ljubljani, Slovenija
Veganski užitki
It’s good
Slovenian cuisine
Meat and more
Vegetables and More
Wine and Food
Mateja Trobec

A cellar without rules

Kevder is the type of cellar that it is always good to have nearby. This place isn’t somewhere for a day trip, rather for ‘urgent’ cases, such as when the kids want something sweet (in the neighbouring ‘hut’), when the teenagers want (their first or a special) beer, and when the twenty-somethings want the latest ‘in’ gin and tonic. If you are a little hungry the lady of the house will rustle up steak tartare, while if you are really hungry then her husband will first ask how aged you like your rib-eye steak, which is of course from local beef, and then how thick you like it!

To accompany the food, a glass of wine – well, it is a cellar after all – and a story or two to accompany the food and wine. While the exterior might be a little overgrown, the rooms fill up fast, perhaps, in part, due to its close proximity to the motorway. The interior might be lacking something here and there, but no one has ever left hungry. There are daily special cakes, while the cellar is only open for half the week. The charm of Kevder is, therefore, in that there are no rules.

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They make no secret here of their love for meat, which means that the burgers are doubles, the tagliata is beef, the sausages are homemade and they show you the Porterhouse steak before it goes into a cast iron pan!

Wine list

sommelier: Robert Trobec
wine labels: 50
house wine: Jordan Cigoj


An arched stone cellar with low tables and high chairs


hotel Pok
Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine