Kulinarični Študio

Sourdough bread with the chef, and a taste of Istria

Kolaričeva 1, Koper, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
From the Farm
Wine and Food
Ivo Tomšič

Bread with a lot of courses

When the small bakery runs out of bread, the hungry, thirsty, sociable and curious begin to crowd. Bread is an excuse to start wondering over sourdough: why is the bread sold out so early; why does it still smell so good for so long; why have cars made way to folding tables on the street; why there is a queue for sandwiches in the morning and why are they better here than elsewhere; why is there a queue for cakes and pizzas at noon and why are the ones here not like elsewhere; why do guests have glasses of wine in their hands in the afternoon, when the bread has run out; why do I find myself coming here in the evening for the chef’s menu? When you taste the answers, you know why the bakery is called Studio!

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Culinary adventures in a narrow street and a small bakery range from (un)ordinary sandwiches to special pizzas, from father’s pickled olives to the best local cheeses and meats, from the best olive oils to the best Istrian wines, from fast food to a tasting menu featuring all the best that Istria has to offer.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

35 €

Wine list

10 wine labels, natural and biodynamic wines are replaced each month; 6 cocktails


two stoves, three tables, one narrow street and a lot of people


bakery, sour dough bread and gourmet pizzas