Mama Marija

Grandchildren’s gourmet wild food for ‘active’ eaters!

Koroška ulica 14c, Kranjska Gora, Slovenija
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Five tips for your visit

Hotel Skipass is located at the meeting point of the three borders between Italy, Austria and Slovenia and is a place of prestige and luxury, a place for holidays, world cups and big business. The hotel restaurant, which is named after the family’s grandmother and features elegant tableware and a multi-course tasting menu, is for guests who aren’t just on holiday, who aren’t just hungry, and who aren’t there just for the beauties of Kranjska Gora. Do these things go hand-in-hand? Of course they do, providing you following these five tips:

  1. Mama Marija isn’t grandmother’s restaurant, because you’ve never eaten such food in any grandmother’s restaurant.
  2. Mama Marija doesn’t offer fillets of fish and saddle of beef, but rather trout dewlap, goatling testicles, and halibut ray liver.
  3. Mama Marija isn’t a hotel restaurant, even though the hotel breakfast is excellent.
  4. Mama Marija isn’t a place of spending, rather saving, since the chef doesn’t waste anything, but instead uses everything.
  5. Visit Mama Marija because it’s one of the best restaurants in Slovenia and has one of Slovenia’s best ‘wild’ chefs.

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One should visit Mama Marija at least three times. On your first visit, order the 6-course menu, as a warm-up, as is appropriate in a sports resort like Kranjska Gora. On your next visit, order the 13-course menu, so you can try everything – from snout to tail and from fin to gill. And on your third visit, be sure to (pre)order the stuffed chicken with truffles, since this was the dish that chef Miha was known for in his previous restaurant.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

6 courses

55 €

7 courses

65 €

8 courses

75 €

15 courses

135 €

Wine list

sommelier: Jan Donoša
180+ wine labels


Wood, stone and glass in straight lines of purist interior design and a terrace with views of Slovenia’s mountains.


member of JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs
Boutique Hotel Skipass