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the best Slovenian picnic on a mezzanine

Veliki Vrh 2, Šmartno ob Paki, Slovenija
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Miha Centrih

Let’s go for a picnic!

Fancy a picnic beneath the hayrack or on the gallery? Let’s go somewhere we haven’t yet been! Let’s go somewhere to eat where we’ve never tasted such flavours, combinations and ingredients. Let’s go for a pizza, but only on Thursday! Let’s go for a barbecue, but only one with aged beef and Krškopolje pork! Let’s go for a tasting session, but only one where the chef chooses! Let’s go to a wine cellar, but only beside the Paka river! Let’s go for fish, but only freshwater; for crayfish, but in Savinja buzara; for meat, but with a lot of vegetables; for wine, but natural; for a beer, but garage-style; for štruklji, but only as a farewell until next time. Let’s go to take off by balloon – literally and culinarily!

This isn’t a youthful experiment, which germinated due to current culinary trends, but rather a real and good Slovenian restaurant beneath a hayrack or on a mezzanine, which holds picnics because restaurants can’t and don’t know how to cook, bake and smoke such refined food. Hence, it’s not a picnic but rather Mezzanine at OPA resort!

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It looks like a picnic, but there are no picnics like this. Take a seat beneath the hayrack or in mezzanine, where you will realise that things can be done differently. Since this isn’t even a picnic, and it certainly isn’t simple. Rather its all the dishes that we think we know, which we’ve eaten in the past, and which other restaurants offer too, but, fortunately, it soon becomes obvious that we are mistaken.


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5 courses

55 €

7 courses

65 €

9 courses

75 €


A gallery for intimate socialising, tasting and celebrating. Plus outside: Meadow. Hayrack! Cellar. Courtyard. Hard benches. Like at a picnic. Like at a party. Like in restaurants in the olden days. Like at home. Like when you go for a visit. Like beside the fire.


OPA Resort
under the hayrack in summer
balloon flight