Monstera bistro

The creativity of Bine Volčič without any TV cameras

Gosposka ulica 9, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Bine Volčič
Gregor Jelnikar

Bine up close in his bistro

Monstera offers bistro-style food that satisfies all the senses, is filling, makes you smile, and is relaxing – from Ljubljana-style breakfast to bistro lunches and seven-course meals. This is ‘bistronomy-a-la-Paris’, yet with ingredients from Ljubljana’s market and the creativity of a chef who learnt his trade at two reputable cookery schools. First the one in Paris – the most well known in the world – where he really learnt to cook. Then the one in Ljubljana’s ‘Hollywood’, which turned him into a TV chef, where he learnt that it is nice to play a part in reality (TV shows), but it is even nicer to really cook. This is Monstera!



Despite belonging to Bine Volčič, Monstera is a real restaurant, without TV cameras and celebrities, yet with live cooking – which is not overly fussy – and a well-known chef. There are no rules, prestige and expensive ingredients, nevertheless through creativity, genuineness, and sincerity – without the need for expensive decor, long tablecloths and extensive menus – Monstera is a restaurant with a happy chef and satisfied guests.


Lunch Chef Hat

2 courses

23 €

3 courses

25 €

4 courses

30 €

Tasting menu (dinner) Chef Hat

5 courses

59 €

7 courses

65 €

Wine list

sommelier Dorotej Horvat
wine labels: 30


High chairs next to the window ond the street and ten small tables in a small space with a Monstera (Swiss cheese plant).


Michelin Plate
Michelin Sustainability Award