Pavus – Laško Castle

Marko Pavčnik is a co-creator of the Slovenian ‘culinary spring’

Chef: Marko Pavčnik

Marko Pavčnik

Marko Pavčnik kipari elegantno, toda učinkovito, predvsem pa uporablja barve, ki se smejejo in prelivajo, dopolnjujejo in cvetijo. Njegovo kuhanje je izrazito avtorsko. Zna se igrati, zna ustvarjati, zna navduševati. Je estet, skoraj perfekcionist, ki pozna sodobne tehnike in jih tudi zelo uspešno izkorišča.

Culinary excellence at a castle

Marko Pavčnik is one of the new breed of Slovenian chefs who respects all that surrounds him – culture, tradition and guests. He encourages the latter to overcome any prejudgements, habits and stereotypes about his creations. He is lord of the castle at Laško, a self-taught cook, a talented culinary aesthete, one of the most visible harbingers of Slovenia’s ‘culinary spring’, and is among the top-ten most important creators of Slovenian nouvelle cuisine. Pavčnik knows how to play, to create and to inspire. He is a perfectionist who masters contemporary techniques and also knows how to use them to best effect. He knows how to convey his passion into every plate of food, and is aware that it is important that the ingredients themselves and the pairing of flavours have the final word.

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Excellent pairing of ingredients that are also pleasing to the eye. Simplicity bursts out of chef Marko Pavčnik, especially in his use of colours which are vibrant and complementary. It’s not only obvious from the taste but also its evident that he is a contented chef, well, who wouldn’t be in such a regal setting!


Tasting menu

5 courses

69 €

6 courses

79 €

7 courses

89 €

8 courses

99 €

9 courses

109 €

10 courses

119 €

Wine list

sommeliers Ludvik Goričan, 180 wine labels


a two-storey castle tower, and in fine weather, eat outside in the covered castle courtyard


Michelin reccomendation
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member