Placito Risano

A new Placitum of Riziano by the young chef Jure Dretnik

Bezovica 30, Črni kal, Slovenija
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Jure Dretnik

A new Placitum of Riziano

The venue of the Placitum of Riziano, dating from 804, has been transformed into a stage of modern culinary creativity, on which the best Istrian ingredients are used and chef Jure Dretnik with his young team perform.

The fact that the food manages to stand out among this competition of artists, designers, craftspeople and luxury, as well as the multiple courses, ingredients, plates, works of art, stories and wines, is a surprise that once again changes the course of Istrian history.

The cuttlefish is such that from now on you will always remember it when you eat cuttlefish somewhere else that lacks ideas; elsewhere the steak will be lacking the sweet umami surprise of the bitterness of coffee and the acidity of the wild leek; the foie gras will henceforth always be lacking an ice-cream lolly, and the fennel will seem bland without unripe fruit and the ripeness of honeycomb.

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This placitum (public court or assembly) is historic. This Riziano story is famous. This entrepreneurial project has set gourmet cuisine and excellence as its goals. The ambience is full of works of art. This is the owner’s second success story, albeit this time with a very young team. And because they are young, the tasting menu is like something out of a picture book, the food is an adventure, hence the experience is historic.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

9 courses

95 €

11 courses

115 €

14 courses

135 €

Wine list

The wine cellar is still under construction and will be an (underwater) attraction. There is already a wine list, but it will get bigger (now 100 labels). It is important that they already know what they want: (co)natural Slovenian wines, with an emphasis on Istria and Primorska; and from abroad, a regional (Italy, Croatia) selection of naturalness and excellence.
The sommeliers are Matijaž Zalar and Tina Katonar.


Old and new works of art and a lot of frescoes depicting scenes from the historical unfolding story of the Istrian Placitum of Riziano in the year 804.


Placitum of Riziano