Pri babici Marici na griču

traditional Slovenian food from a Styrian farm

Cesta Maksa Kavčiča 2, Sveta Trojica
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Matjan Žgajner

Grandma Marica’s Place

A self-sufficient surprise next to the motorway or chef’s cooking on a farm? If you, too, think that neither the former nor the latter are possible, then be sure to leave the Pomurje motorway for Sv. Trojica and find out for yourself why you are wrong. Both of them are possible – even at the same time! At Pri babici Marici (Grandma Marica’s Place) it’s like being on a farm, except for the fact that the pigs, rabbits and authentic local food are on the chef’s menu.

Pri babici Marici is a local restaurant where sausages are drying on the windowsills, and meat is roasting in a bread oven, while guests with full mouths are taking photos of the plates they have licked clean! And all of this so close to the motorway and city.

Pri babici Marici is for the hungry who prefer not to leave anything to chance, as well as for the curious who prefer to do so. The menu consists of old Styria dishes, which the chef prepares in such a new way, you won’t forget them. This is homely food!

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At Pri babici Marici, the pigs, rabbits and dishes are so authentically within the comfort zone that the hungry don’t even notice how the chef has changed them, while the curious are impressed by their simplicity.


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3 courses

25 €

4 courses

30 €

5 courses

35 €

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Slovenian-Styrian nature wines


traditional Slovenian local Inn as they used to be


Farm Žgajner, Zg. Voličina