Remi’s place

A different kind of ’bistronomy’ in Gornji trg

Gornji trg 20, Ljubljana, Slovenija
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Igor Šušteršič

Your place in old Ljubljana

Are you maybe interested in knowing why Remi is the Place, on the pavement, on the corner, in a narrow street and on steep slope where you wouldn’t expect fine table linen? Or rather, what is the lure for those who enjoy every aspect alongside culinary classics with a Remi twist?

This is known as ‘bistronomy’ – very relaxed, not overly refined, mistakes here and there, including tiramisu being called ‘tiremisu’ … There’s a slight sense of chaos and disorder – having to wait for the octopus and having time to do the vacuuming while waiting for the lamb, a table right on the corner of the street Rožna ulica, which is written in French with an English accent, however, the price of lunch is laughable. It begins with a biscuit and ends with dessert, while in between there are carrots and plenty of other vegetables, pork, and pork crackling, rabbit, and fruit salad. Is it different enough?

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You too will be won over by Remi’s Place if you like smoked trout with honey, beef tartare with peanut butter, salad with roasted potatos, ravioli with rabbit, pears and chanterelle mushrooms, seafood risotto with homemade dashi (broth) and, of course, if you make sure you leave room for dessert!


The charm of the ambience isn’t in Remi’s Place itself but rather in old Ljubljana and in Gornji trg.


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