An organic excursion to Amon

A round of golf? A bike ride? A visit to the wine cellar? Down on the farm? Need to stock up on stores for the winter? How about a visit to the organic shop? Or why not stay overnight and then enjoy a great breakfast too? Who wouldn’t be tempted? A visit to Restavracija Amon means good and local food from Kozjansko, made according to local recipes, but not like in the past rather like today, and not like elsewhere but rather Amon-style – from local ingredients, organic produce from the garden and orchards, homemade wines and other products with organic certificates.

At Restavracija Amon guests are in good spirits, because you are made to feel welcome, because it is well appointed, because you are among friends, and because you feel comfortable and content. And you always leave with a wide grin on your face, because you have eaten well, albeit Amon-style! Therefore, you always order the same dishes, first duck pate, then roast duck, since it’s been this way for 40 years at Restavracija Amon, yet every visit is better than the last.

Restavracija Amon isn’t just a restaurant that offers different organic menus each day; it offers so much more, not only for the hungry but also for the curious – for a day trip, a visit, an experience, for a holiday, for relaxation, for recreation and for health.

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At a time when homely, traditional restaurants are dying out, Restavracija Amon carefully and stubbornly clings to tradition and always stands out with ‘the same’ food, but with the chef’s signature and Amon’s taste for the ever better. And to top it all, the food is organic, bio, sustainable and natural, which everyone is talking about these days, but nowhere do they package food to take home like they do at Restavracija Amon.

Wine list

house wine: Vina Amon


A rustic style wine cellar and home-comfort tourism


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