Restaurant Brioni

Contemporary cuisine from behind the scenes of the cafe

Chef: Tomaž Polenec

Tomaž Polenec

Class in the centre

Shall we go for a coffee? Maybe we could eat something too, wow, just look at how many cakes they have! Which one do you want? I’ll have the chocolate cake, please…And what is over there at the back of the café? Aha, a restaurant, great, well it is already time for lunch! Pasta, salad, or how about… It’s been ages since we’ve been for a dinner by candlelight and smartly dressed. Which menu would you like? Waiter, the wine list, please. Restavracija Brioni in the centre of Kranj is a café, patisserie, bistro and restaurant where, whatever you choose, you can bank on quality.



The centre of Kranj deserves an urban restaurant for special occasions. On first opening, the prospects for Brioni appeared good, however, not everything went to plan. Now, however, there is Brioni version 2 with a chef who has already proved his worth!


Tasting menu

5 courses

42 €

6 courses

58 €

Wine list

wine labels: 30


Dark brown rugs, beige leather benches, and narrow gold mirrors covering the walls, which gives an appearance of space. Two types of tables, elegant table linen, candles, narrow vases and wide turquoise chandeliers.


Coffee shop