Restaurant Leonardo

A hotel and restaurant in a good location

Leonova ulica 18, Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Urban and Different
Meat and more
Žiga Koprivc

Next to the motorway beneath Pohorje

If you’re driving past on the motorway and night falls there and then, then where do you go? If you are from Austria, Croatia or Hungary and are heading on holiday and your rumbling stomach reminds you it’s time for a break. If you from town but would like to escape to the countryside, but not too far and without encountering traffic. If you come to the valley from Pohorje and would like to taste the hills and forests in the valley. If you want to have a chat, a meeting, a quick lunch or a long celebration in Bistrica. Where should one go and also be able to enjoy a good meal?

Hotel Leonardo is all this. It has something for locals, townsfolk, travellers, tourists and business people. It provides a touch of nostalgia for those from near and far, as well as classic Pohorje food, hotel hospitality, an elegant restaurant and portions that ensure you don’t leave hungry. Leonardo is in a good location and is doing well.

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You have to be the best if you want guests to make a special trip because of you. However, if guests are passing anyway, they want just good, tasty, simple, local, affordable, comfortable, fast, familiar and the best available. If you can stay the night, then so much the better.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

35 €


A hotel restaurant that has enough space for both locals and tourists – from morning to night.