Restaurant Manna

feel good over fine food and good wine

Chef: Žan Jereb

Žan Jereb

Good spirits over fine food

Guests are happy and in good spirits at Manna! Is it because of the wedding-like bouquet of pink roses on every table? Is it because of the waiter who likes to tell jokes? Is it because of the large selection of wines that aren’t only sold by the bottle but also by the glass? Is it because of the prices, which are comparatively low compared to other similar restaurants in Ljubljana? Or is it ‘only’ because of the food that ‘only’ cheers you up?!

At Hiša kulinarike Manna, which is situated beside the Gradaščica stream, it is noticeable that it isn’t beside the Ljubljanica river. At Manna, guests get what they have to pay more for elsewhere. Manna adds just the right amount of excellence to satisfaction, so guests are in good spirits while enjoying fine food, since they don’t have to compromise on anything, and at the same time one can eat everything that the eloquent waiter and modern chef suggest.

Visit 2021

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A visit to Manna isn’t just about going to a suburban restaurant, but also to a fine food restaurant, for familiar dishes cooked by an ‘unfamiliar’ chef, which are just as good to look at and taste, without being overly complicated, as the best.


Tasting menu

4 courses

45 €

Wine list

sommelier Jani Rakovec, 200 wine labels


Manna is a friendly and welcoming suburban restaurant with a garden set beside a small river. It has a large bar with simple food at the front, a hidden atrium garden at the rear and two lounges upstairs.


Krakovo, Ljubljana’s Grinzing