Italian Restaurant Mirje

Italian food at the start of Trzaška cesta

Chef: Lucija Cigoj

Lucija Cigoj

Dolce vita on Tržaška cesta

Pizza again…Even in Italy there are few restaurants without a pizza oven; at Restavracija Mirje the only difference is that the pizza oven is alight all day, such is the Slovenian tradition. The pizzas are good, which is already evident from the amuse bouche in the form of a hot black and white roll. Restavracija Mirje’s candidacy for your favourite Slovenian-Italian restaurant is backed up by it freshly prepared sauces served over homemade pasta, and you won’t be disappointed by its daily lunches, and succulent steaks, while you will be won over by its desserts, among which the best are the dolce vita cannoli.

In addition to Restavracija Mirje’s pizzas, fresh pasta, perfect steaks and indulgent desserts, it also offers friendly service and a suitable range of wines. The lack of three coloured plastic kitsch, blaring television and sugary Canzona music elevates this restaurant above the usual level of Slovenian knowledge of Italian cuisine.

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Those that live, work or attend educational establishments in Ljubljana know where Restavracija Mirje is and are lucky to not be far from this good Italian restaurant. For all others, it is high time to find out where to turn off Tržaška cesta and what cannoli are.


In the pavilion, in front of the pizza oven, or among the calming pastel tones for Ljubljana’s locals