Restaurant Tiffany

Fine dining despite the casino splendour

Delpinova ulica 5, Nova Gorica, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
From Rivers and Seas
Wine and Food

Not just for luck

Tiffany is a casino restaurant, which means that it has regular guests who enjoy good food. It is these guests who like Tiffany’s refined hospitality and fine food – mainly seafood – cooked up by its young team, which offers guests enough room to not just be hungry but also curious, and to be lucky even if they don’t have any luck. 

However, Tiffany is also restaurant above a casino, which doesn’t mean that you just enter on its staircase but rather that you can take the stairs just for dinner. It’s only a Tiffany where the service is old school, and it’s only Tiffany that allows you ‘play’ between courses, and only Tiffany that has such a long menu that you can see it in the dark. Actually, Tiffany is a reason NOT to go into the casino!

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Since Nova Gorica has two similar casino restaurants with fine dining service and food to match, it is only right that there are differences among them. Calypso also attracts guests from outside the casino to taste its chefs’ creativity, while Tiffany is the place for the less curious but who nonetheless enjoy greater comfort.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

28 €

Wine list

sommelier Simon Sitar, 120 wine labels


Elegant while table linen on spacious tables with comfortable chairs beneath the illuminated casino ceiling.


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