Restavracija 9

‘Bistronomy’ beneath mountain pastures at the King’s House

Vrba 37a, Lesce, Slovenija
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Mirko Stojić

Not just for čevapčiči and not just for golf

Bled golf course is the most beautiful, not to mention the biggest, golf course in Slovenia, while its restaurant is now, once again, worth a visit, even if you don’t play golf.

Restavracija 9 is in the running for the title ‘the most beautiful restaurant in Slovenia’ – due, of course, to the views. Even though Triglav and Stol can be seen from other restaurants, they don’t have such beautifully mown lawns, such a lovely conservatory, club rooms, and terrace, and, despite this, one feels relaxed enough to still be able to order – as most do – just čevapčiči, if they take your fancy. Mirko Stojić is a young Serbian chef with a desire to achieve and cook the best in Bled, therefore it’s necessary to visit numerous times to ‘test him out’! And he’s at his best when you leave it up to him!

Despite the beauty and exclusivity of the surroundings, this isn’t fine dining per se, rather ‘bistronomy’ based on the best French model, to which the young chef, with a talent for meat, adds his Serbian temperament, Italian leisureliness, and Slovenian ingredients. Royal but in a people’s way!

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Who knows if, and when, Bled’s mass tourism will again become a unique Slovenian ‘gem’. The Kraljeva hiša (The King’s House) club house, in which Restavracija 9 is located, however, already is! Fortunately, to reach this ‘regal’ restaurant, you only have to queue in traffic as far as the dinosaur park, but leave your jeans at home!

Wine list

sommelier: Nikola Snatošević
wine labels: 60+


An elegant restaurant where the large glass conservatory provides a view of Gorenjska’s mountain tops; a spacious terrace with a view of the first and last hole of Bled golf course


Golf course