Restavracija Ajda

Culinary White House of Sevnica

Trg svobode 1, Sevnica, Slovenija
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Kristjan Erman

Not just because of Melania!

If Melania Trump was to bring her husband, Donald Trump, to her hometown, she would probably invite him for a cake that has been specially made in honour of America’s first lady. It is white, like the White House, it has a golden tuft of hair, as does the ‘golden-haired’ American president, and it is sweet like Melania! But that tasty and attractive cake, made from white chocolate and crammed with walnuts, was created where Donald Trump is unlikely to ever go. And, as a result, not only will he miss his ‘wife’s cake’ but also all the courses that he could enjoy at Ajda prior to it. So, don’t you too be like Trump!

And with that the story about the American president in Sevnica ends. In other words, Restavracija Ajda is a really authentic and serious restaurant that has a hard-working boss and an industrious chef, a short menu and a 5-courses tasting menu, a whole wall of local wines and a whole list of local suppliers – all of these factors alone ensure that you don’t need to come to Sevnica just because of the First Lady!

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Ajda doesn’t have everything as do many others. But Ajda doesn’t sell itself on Melania, as do others in the hometown of a certain Mrs Trump! This, however, is precisely its main advantage and the reason why you can arrive hungry and curious about the food, and you will leave feeling satisfied.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

20 €

4 courses

28 €

5 courses

35 €


A modern bistro, a contemporary dining room, and a convenient spacious hall.


Hotel Ajdovec, Melania (Trump) cake