Restavracija Center

A blend of Taste Radol’ca and daily lunches

Alpska cesta 56, Lesce, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Martin Gluščič

Brother and sister beside the football pitch!

Restavracija Center is a pleasant surprise! It has long been known that the brother and sister team that run this restaurant know how to cook, however, that knowledge somehow got lost among the ambience, wide range of dishes, generalisation, and adaptation. So, when Restavracija Center decided to shorten its menu, its guests quickly adapted. By moving away from global cuisine and putting an emphasis on local food, this restaurant has become one with a (Šola okusov) ‘heart’! Now one knows when and why to go to this restaurant for malica (a typical late morning meal for workers) or lunch, and when to, occasionally, don your finest attire! 

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If you are curious enough to visit Restavracija Center, with its large sign above the building, adjoining car park, pleasant terrace, and plenty of diners, then you will be rewarded with a mixture of traditional and contemporary cuisine – from light lunches to quality homemade and local dishes.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

30 €

6 courses

38 €


A terrace next to a football field, a dining room and a room for special occasions