On the largest sea terrace

This hotel restaurant, which is also open to non-residents, offers everything from carpaccio, prosciutto and cold cut platters, to seafood pasta, wild game and truffles. Soups include beef, shrimp and fish, then there is the fish itself – both farmed and wild – cooked in the oven and/or grilled, meat cooked Istrian-style or ‘grandma’s way’, octopus for two and Tomahawk steaks so big that they cover two plates, or olives from the 1,300 Belvedere olive trees served in Kamin’s seafood or meat style. And all this with a view!

In addition to classic dishes, the seafood-meat menu also features a tasting menu, which together with wines to match the food is one of the best ratios of price and quality to be found. Kamin, therefore, is suitable for the most demanding of gourmets who don’t just come for the view!

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Visit 2018



Despite its name, you can’t actually see the kamin (wood burner), however, the terrace offers the widest view of the sea in Slovenia, and the relationship between prices and quality – not to mention the price of the tasting menu – is certainly a bargain!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses + wine pairing

35 €

5 courses + wine pairing

60 €

Wine list

sommelier: Sašo Ambrož
wine labels: 106
house wine: Pucer z Vrha and Kaligarich


A three-part dining room and a large terrace with a sea view


Hotel Cliff