Restavracija Maxim

Fine dining but not only for VIP guests

Trg republike 1, Ljubljana, Slovenija
It’s the best
Creative and Original

A young chef who guests understand

Restavracija Maxim is a prestigious restaurant in the centre of Ljubljana located above a large car park and next to the parliament building. It has a cloakroom attendant, pianist, a room for special occasions, and discrete waiting staff, and a young head chef who searched warehouses for long-forgotten plates on which to serve his nouvelle cuisine. For four years Peter Kovač was an assistant to the head chef and then took over the kitchen at one of the most well-known Slovenian restaurants for businesspeople, politicians and others who hold important appointments over lunch and then celebrate the resulting agreements over dinner.  But don’t worry, there’s no need to search and ruminate over any of the dishes or the list of ingredients – each of which each is of superior quality – and the techniques used are well proven. Every city has such a restaurant, and Ljubljana has Restavracija Maxim and Peter Kovač!



Restavracija Maxim’s head chef offers fine dining the guests understand. The tasting menu is refined and cosmopolitan, however, its not overly pretentious, while the a-la-carte menu is short and concise but with all the necessary fine dining accompaniments for which foreign guests don’t need translation while locals don’t need to search for new restaurants when they have business or other matters to settle.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses


5 courses

52 €

7 courses

72 €

Wine list

sommelier: David Alaimo
wine labels: 250


Traditional and sparkling elegance with a piano out front and an atrium out back.


Michelin Plate
Maxi Market shopping and gourmet center
across Parliament building