Restavracija Na Pul

Fine food from the estate and fields

Drečji Vrh 16, Drečji Vrh, Slovenija
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To Pule from the fields

You will be surprised! Surprised because the road there isn’t flat and fast, you need to turn off the motorway (it’s well signed), to negotiate the windy road and to embrace the vast estate that rewards you from behind the forest. Surprised because everything is so beautiful, well-tended, opulent and splendid, whilst at the same time being authentic, homely and natural. And surprised because the estate has a restaurant where you are first led into the cellar and then you are seated in the ‘stables’ at beautifully laid tables with elegantly served fine food from the fields. And not least because there’s nothing of its kind in an area that is known and appreciated for its gastronomy.

When you recover from the surprise, you will realise that it is places like this that make Slovenia a ‘fairytale’ culinary country, where, with such establishments (houses, restaurants, chefs, food and ingredients fresh from the field) it still…surprises!

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Visit 2019



The Pule estate is somewhere to be pampered. It’s interesting how quickly tourists have discovered this place, which, in its previous form was good though not always successful. And it’s surprising how Slovenian’s find this strange instead of treating themselves to a trip to be sure themselves!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

55 €

7 courses

75 €

Wine list

sommelier Miha Konečnik
wine labels: 250


The landscape and estate are well preserved and tended – these things make an impression. That is why the terrace is one of the most beautiful in Slovenia, the dining room is elegant yet homely, and, to top it off, it is in a stables. 


Pule Estate, accomotadion