Restavracija Sedem

Youthful creativity in a tasty way

Cafova ulica 7, Maribor, Slovenija
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It’s the best
Creative and Original
Urban and Different

To school for dinner

The price of lunches is similar to that of buffet-style restaurants, however, the ambience is characteristic of a city and the cutlery is the best to be had in Slovenia. In the evening the school kitchen turns into the large culinary ‘television’ in the city, and therefore awakens one’s curiosity. One-pot dishes are served in porcelain, the maȋtre d’ is dressed in black, and the chefs have modern hats and snow-white chef’s whites. The place settings are garden-themed and there is a recipe from the garden, while the amuse bouche is served in a glass containing the innards of blood sausage, trout caviar and parsley cream. Restavracija Sedem pays attention to the finest detail and has a great sense of aesthetics, as is also the case with the Maribor Vocational College of Catering and Tourism in which the restaurant is located. It was a long wait, but the result is worth it!

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At Restavracija Sedem one can experience what is otherwise missing in Maribor!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

24 €

5 courses

35 €

7 courses

49 €

Wine list

sommelier: Leon Marinič
house wine: Puklavec Family Wines


Enter from the street into a modern restaurant with a glass kitchen; a small coffee area and an urban atrium


Michelin Plate
Culinary school