Restavracija Tabor

Special fish offer in Gorenjska

Podbrezje 246, Podbrezje, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
From Rivers and Seas
Gašper Kordež
Maks Pogačnik

A Dalmatia-style Gorenjska fish restaurant

Two hearts for a fish restaurant beneath the mountains? Yes, that’s right, because at Restavracija Tabor there is always room for enjoyment and the menu doesn’t feature the usual fried squid, but rather a bigger choice of outdoor ‘pod peka’ (cooking in ironware over hot coals) food, and an even better choice of special offers.

The tableware is snow white. The wood-burning stove warms the back room, while the steep stone staircase doesn’t just lead to an empty cellar but to a full wine cellar. The young owner of Restavracija Tabor earned her stripes in Australia and is an expert in filleting fish. Restavracija Tabor isn’t just another fish restaurant, it is exactly what others aren’t: a traditional Dalmatia-style restaurant beneath the Karavanke mountains in Gorenjska which has good connections in Dalmatia and a good seafood chef!

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Chef Gašper Kordež ensures that regular guests are not left without Dalmatia melos, while new guests are party to the chef’s style, which is why Restavracija Tabor’s speciality fish dishes invite those who like to eat picarel at the coast and wild game on mountain pastures, similar to those who are unable to resist the temptation of lobster as a starter and other delights to follow, not forgetting the punch and the well-stocked wine cellar too.

Wine list

sommelier: Mateja Markič
wine labels: 135
house wine: Brandulin


Whilst it looks like a traditional Dalmatia-style restaurant, it isn’t quite as formal, and while the tableware is fancy, the atmosphere is relaxed. The colours are warm, and there is also a wood-burning stove, while the pictures on the walls, as well as the décor, is distinctly coastal.