Slon 1552

Traditional Slovenian and Mediterranean dishes with a touch of modernity

Nazorjeva ulica 5, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Contemporary food with a long history

An urban ambience, an attractive bar, interesting comings and goings by day, and raised tables laid in white linen for fine food – all add up to a welcome new concept for this restaurant at Hotel Slon, which has a long history dating back to when Ljubljana’s locals first saw an elephant! 

Today Hotel Slon, with the prestige of being part of Best Western – the biggest hotel chain in the world – guests can watch the chefs at work, behind glass above the classic hotel bar, creating daily bistro specials, which is interesting both for foreign guests as well as for local passers-by. The tasting menus compete with the best competitors of Ljubljana’s fine food scheme.



From classic hotel food to Slovenian tapas dishes, from light lunches to tasting menus, from Duke Maximillian to Best Western – and all of this with a chef who transforms quality local ingredients using contemporary techniques.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

35 €

4 courses

43 €

5 courses

52 €

Wine list

wine labels: 122


Two levels and two purposes – daily and evening – faster downstairs, slower upstairs. A large window onto the street and a large window into the kitchen.


hotel Slon